L’Oreal Features Black Man Wearing Makeup for Their First Male Makeup Ad

L’Oreal has broken new ground with their latest commercial which features a black male model in their makeup advertisement. The man’s name is Gary Thompson a.k.a. The Plastic Boy and he’s a makeup blogger with over 76K followers on Instagram.

The commercial features Thompson demonstrating the application of cosmetics much like his own videos posted on his blog. Thompson speaks about what got him into makeup and how he built his blog during the 2-minute clip

Gary Thompson is the first male to ever be featured in a L’Oreal makeup advert and the company says that there could be an influx of male-centered products and advertisements to go along with them. L’Oreal is looking to have a line made specifically for men within the next “five to seven years.”

Check out Gary Thompson star in L’Oreal’s latest makeup ad in the clip above.

via VladTV 


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