MoFi talks start in music, having his own sound, whats coming next, & more

Oumar is a 18 year old artist that goes by MoFi when on the mic. His vision is clear and his motivation is strong. Coming from the DMV, its hard to make a name but he is working hard doing just that. His style is very different from most. He considers himself Jazzy you might say… Check out our full Q&A with him below and get to know him a little. Dont forget to check his music. 

Explain who you are for those who may not know 
My name is Oumar, an 18 year old rapper that goes by the Motivated Fidelity when I’m on the mic or “MoFi” for short. I’m an idealist who can see a vision where all my people are taken care of and we’re living life like we are kings through my motivation of never giving up no matter how hard it might be to make it. That’s why I call my self “MoFi”. My name is a reference to lo-fi hip hop which is a jazz like sub genre of hip hop. If you don’t know what lo-fi hip hop is, the closest example would be “The Story of OJ” by Jay Z or Jocelyn Flores by xxxtentacion.

Where you from? 
I’m from the DMV; Clinton, Maryland to be exact but I’m not a big fan of local rap music. Local rap in the DMV has a particular sound that makes it sound so cliche as if I’ve already heard it a thousand times. That’s mainly because I believe many DMV artists use a flow that most local rappers use for every song but that’s just my opinion. Artists like Logic and Kaan are different from the average DMV artist. That is what I focus on with my music.

How did you get your start in music?
I have been making music since I was 12. The idea to make music began when I was in the car listening to the radio. A song had caught my ear and had instantly became my favorite. The song was “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar. Though to an average listener it was just another hit radio song, to me it was the song that lit the spark to my music career. I started writing in a journal since I didn’t have a phone at the time and that eventually became a habit even after I got a phone. Unfortunately, making my first song wasn’t as easy as I had expected. I had the passion but no inspiration nor talent. I had to practice and expand my music selection in order to learn what makes a good hip hop artist. I studied different flows, rhyme schemes, and wordplay in order to make my own original style. This period in my life opened me up to many underground rappers which at the time, I had only listened to the radio.

Who are your influences?
I like many different styles of hip hop which gives me many different influences in my music. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, xxxtentacion, and Isaiah Rashad are some influences just to name a few. My first influence was Kendrick Lamar for his pure skill alone. I wanted to be that talented in hip hop someday. Kendrick was the main inspiration for my song “Maniac” which I really pushed my talents to the max on. My second influence was J. Cole with his album “2014 Forest Hills Drive”. I personally don’t think he’s as talented as Kendrick but he can relate to the average person on a much deeper level as if he was once in the shoes that you are now in. That and the fact that he doesn’t care about whether he’s the best out there; as long as he gets his message across to the world. J. Cole influenced my inspiration for my song “This is Not a Love Song” for his ability to make a compelling story through a song. In most recent years, my influence has been xxxtentacion. His delivery is one like no other artist, always saying his lyrics with meaning. He was the main inspiration for my song “Make the Riches” which is filled with edgy lyrics.

What motivates you?
There were times in my life where I have been discouraged to continue making music. Sometimes it would be what peers think, lack of equipment, or people to support my dream. The most discouraging time in my life was when I was 14. I felt like giving up and pursuing after something that my peers wanted me to do but not me. I had very little support. It was during this time that I learned self love. I became independent from everyone else. This mentality helped me develop a motivation relying only on myself and the dream that I can see for myself and the people I care for. I aspire to keep this mentality to help me with my music. It was also my inspiration for my stage name Motivated Fidelity.

What are you currently working on? 
Right now, I’m focusing on my tape; learning how the public responds to certain songs, promoting my music to build a strong fan base, and ways to take my music to the next level. I’m constantly reaching out to bloggers and other artists who have music similar to mine with bigger fan bases. When I’m not promoting my music, I’m working on a new song.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m a big dreamer. Hip hop music is just one piece of the puzzle. I want to push my music and develop a big following. From there, I’ll continue my music career by touring and reaching out to more people. Eventually, I’ll reach to the masses where everyone can listen to my music. I will get most of my money from shows and deals. After I have done all I can with hip hop, I want to move on to other genres of music. RnB, jazz, rock, and electronic trap are just a few genres I want to delve in to.

What is your opinion on the current hiphop scene? 
I feel like the rap game is all messed up. Some rappers don’t deserve the exposure that they get but money and a little bit of luck runs the world. Not all rappers that are famous are talented. There are plenty of underground rappers out there that deserve the same amount of exposure but they just don’t get it for some reason.

Anything else you would like to say? 
“Motivation to the people” has always been my goal. Stay motivated and don’t give up on what you believe in. There’s a link to my music on soundcloud below.


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