New Music: Big Q – I Do This (@HighstandardsQ)

Today we bring you some dope music from Kentucky. I know… when we say Kentucky… your like what???? But we promise you this is not something you want to miss. Diamonds are found in the dirt, right?


In the midst of the 502 Come Up , there is a new generation of music brewing out of the Midwest. Aggressive but witty while having an competitive edge for the sport of emceeing, Q is bringing the grittiness of street music at it’s essence. Ring leader of the High Standard Music Group Quinton Thompson better known as Q delivers a raw view of street music through his lyrics and passion through his voice. Unapologetic with his message and vivid description of street life while still able to grab the attention of any listener from catchy hooks and phrases.Established from the West End of Louisville,KY Q gives a painting with words of the culture and first person view of life.

Q always had an personality that stands out and appeal to others while being relatable. With his origins stemming from former group H-N-S, Q always had very unique delivery and wordplay. In recent years he established his brand more by adapting to bring DIY artist and businessman.Engineering his music also learning the ins and outs of the basics. Creating High Standards Music Group, he has an in house crew from production that operates like an assembly line with care.

Accolades stem from performing across the region in cities like Evansville, IN; Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Goal is to grow the High Standards brand into different ventures based from music and at the same time grow an organic fan base as an artist.

This visual we bring you today for “I Do This” brings life to his words. 

Watch below 

Stay Tuned 

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