News: @YungKV100 Talks Dropping Out Of School To Rap

Tonight we bring you a young artist from Cleveland named KV.

He talked with us in a exclusive Q&A about how he dropped out of school to pursue his rap career.

Find out the scoop below:


Explain who you are for those who may not know

I’m KV I’m from Euclid Avenue up the hill to be exact by the sportsplant and all dat shit that’s where I was really raised and shit I lived in a couple different neighborhoods in Cleveland but imma always say I’m from Euclid avenue

How did you start music

well I always been musically inclined .. I played some sports and shit but im at my best when I’m making music even before I knew I could do something with this music shit seriously I was still making music in my basement with my big cuz and my nigga riq back when I was younger ..I just feel like imma always be making music because I can’t see myself not doing this shit fuck all da haters and if u support me I fuck with you but even if I don’t have any support imma still do this because it’s what I love to do

Who are your biggest inspirations? 

Biggest inspiration would be like ice cube, dr dre, Juelz Santana , bone thugs , too short( real player shit lol) oh and I can’t forget about the big homie kenn ball either (Cleveland rapper who was murdered by off duty officer) I always used to see him ride down my street and shit when I was young and he was cool with my older niggas I would always say wassup and fuck with them and shit it’s just ashamed of the whole situation he also was from Euclid

What High School did you attend? 

What highschool did I attend ? I started off in Euclid highschool and got in trouble and shit and I had got an opportunity to move with my grandma and go to Solon highschool to play football sophomore year but I was on some stupid shit smoking weed and was failing classes and being silly looking back I wish i would have been on my shit and stuck with the sports but it is what it is but I ended up graduating from Solon tho it was cool fr not the best school i missed going to school with my day 1 niggas

Why did you choose to drop out of school to do music? 

What made me drop out to do music well I just see potential in myself, I’m lookin at it like I can always go back to do that shit I’m in a position where I can support myself without college I do what I please now and this the life that I’m tryna live if it doesn’t work out imma just have to grind and do something else I never really had a problem
Finding ways to get money I’m not tripping over the shit.. tomorrow not promised so I’m taking it one day at a time

Did you get a lot of back lash for dropping out? 

Did I get a lot of backlash yeah everybody always got something to say but you know how that go even if u doing good they still gone talk …shit niggas talk bad about Jesus and I’m no where near the nigga he is so I’m not tripping about no opinions or nothing like dat if u not helping me reach goals fuck u ..

How did your parents feel? 

How did parents feel … My mom supports me in anything I do so I know she riding for me through whatever she might not be happy at the decision but imma make it up to her with a mansion with no bills one day

How do you feel about your choice?

The way I feel about the choice is it’s a big decision that I made I’m not even gone fake like it’s not but like I said I believe in myself I don’t need no one else to believe in me this is what I was put on earth to do so this what ima do it’s just gone come with time i been getting closer with god and bettering myself so it’s only right that it happens I’m not just anybody I been through real struggles that I don’t even got to prove like most of these Niggas try to so I kno I deserve this I’m doing this for my family we deserve it

What’s next for you?

Well only god knows I hope it’s millions tho lol. I’m getting better every time I go in the booth my delivery is getting crazy i don’t even use many effects anymore and I be recording all my music in like 15 minutes every song I have over 100 songs unreleased .

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