Nino Lucas talks being from St Louis, new music, whats next for him, & more

Nino Lucas is a new artist from St Louis who has been making music for about 5 years. Influenced by artist like Jay Z and Lil Wayne, his own style came from hard work and dedication. We got a chance to talk with Nino and get to know him more as an artist. Check it out below: 

Where you from? 
I’m from St.Louis the show me state

How did you get your start in music?
My older brothers all rapped so that gave me the love for music to make it

How long have you been making it?
I’ve been making music and taking it seriously for about 5 years

Who are your influences?
2pac, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Future, UGK, Diplomats I have a lot more but those are probably my top influences

What motivates you?
Making great music motivates me to make more, my son also motivates me I know I can be one of the best to do it and he jus keeps me going

What are you currently working on? 
Currently I’m just putting out dope visuals my video Dirt on my Name just dropped a really dope video and I have another video in the works Prescription another banger in the works guarantee

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see me at the top of the game on the Billboards top 100 selling millions of records but if that doesn’t happen investing my money to make more

What is your opinion on the current hiphop scene? 
Hip Hop scene today is very different from what I’m used to seeing growing up like the Lil Wayne’s, Diplomats artist like that but no knocking it everybody is on they grind and you can’t knock peoples hustle

Anything else you would like to say? 
Just want to say I really appreciate you guys reaching out and giving me the chance to do this interview and having my music heard by different people all love ! And remember the name Nino Lucas have a lot of dope music and visuals on the way

Twitter : Banklan4lyfe
IG : Banklan4lyfe 
Facebook : Nino Lucas


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