Prado Bans ft Young Thug – Kosher

 Thugger is no stranger to collaborating with any new comer and prides himself on having his ear to the streets for the next big thing.

It wasn’t long after he heard what Prado Bans had recorded to “Kosher” before he decided to make his mark on the track himself.

Prado Bans is currently sweeping the underground scene with his current catalog of songs and now that he has a cosign from Young Thug on “Kosher” it won’t be long before we see him on the main stage.

Prado Bans is an up and coming rap artist hailing from Atlanta by way of Chiraq and can be described as having a very Hyphy/Trillwave sound. He is set to release his sophomore EP late Q1 2017.

Check out “Kosher” with Thugger below: 

Download the song here: http://pradobans.com/new-music/

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