Q&A w/ Chopper Chopper

Today we bring you a dope producer by the name of Chopper Chopper.

Get to know more about him below 


Q.Explain who you are for those who don’t know?
A. My Name is Chopper Chopper. I am 25 year old producer and entrepreneur. I have produced for Big Gates,Chrome Korleone,Yung Eazy,and many more great artist.

Q.How did you come up with your name?
A.I used to go by Hollywood Da Beatman and after a break from music I decided to start fresh. I was blunted one day and just decided Chopper Chopper. I felt like a machine the way I was cranking the beats out.

Q.Where are you from?
A.I was raised in Lakeland, Fl It’s right in between Tampa and Orlando. But im currently out in Texas this my second home.

Q.Whats it like growing up where your from?
A. Lakeland is chill for the most part but over the years it has gotten worst. I came up in small studio owned by Dez Clark called Studio 88. This was the spot if you was serious about your music. Lakeland is a small town so everybody know everybody. S/o to Flizzie Flyy and Pc Slimm.

Q.How did you get into music?
A. My pops bought me Ludacris Word Of Mouth CD in 2nd Grade and I was lit ever since.I started writing rhymes and messing with keyboard but could never figure it out. So as I got older started learning how to program beats on computer and here I am 10 years later.

Q.What makes you different than other artists?
A. I think its my versatility I can chop up some samples or bust out at Trap beat. Also that I have been able to see the music industry transition from hardware and hard copy’s to the Digital World. Being able to produce my own tracks also helps my creative process.

Q.What are you currently working on?
A.I am currently work on my Space Age Pimp Ep and also a project with the big homie Yung Eazy along with some side projects.

Q. Anything you would like to say?
A. Yeah I really appreciate HHR for having me on here and be on the lookout out for my new music video “Blow” dropping soon on Texasstarlist.com.

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