Reformed Detroit Drug Kingpin turned Grammy-nominated Music Mogul

Los Angeles, CA- Brian Maurice Brown was once one of America’s Most wanted men. Now CEO and founder of BMB Entertainment (Breaking Major Barriers), the former American gangster, affectionately known as “Peanut”, credits his current life of tranquility, complete peace, and success to the high pressured days of yesteryear from living on the Lam from the FBI, almost a decade of incarceration and being named the biggest drug trafficker of the Midwest.  

The charismatic businessman chronicles his life as a sheltered basketball scholarship recipient to a notorious lord of the Motor City’s drug underworld in his newly released documentary, Living For The Sacrifice.  Taking viewers to his childhood home in Detroit, he and close family members tell the intriguing story of the entertainment executive’s rise to power. Brown cites his generous, selfless disposition as the catalyst for his mere existence, coining the phrase “living for the sacrifice” to describe his life’s mission. “I realize my life is not my own and it is my duty as a man to protect, provide and offer stability. In the past, living for myself allowed me not to take accountability for my actions. My parents died within 28 days of each other, and I was unable to attend their funerals while on the run from the feds. I knew I had a purpose outside of myself to survive all of the obstacles placed before me and still live a limitless life after release.” Seeing life clearer on a spiritual path, he feels his purpose is to not only live for himself but to sacrifice for the others around him. 

Manifesting and creating life changing opportunities extend beyond his artists and business relationships, but especially to his three wives and many children. Brown shares a glimpse of his open marriage in the documentary, detailing the dynamics of each relationship and how they benefit each other. “I love my wives,” he says. “They’ve all been good to me, especially while I was incarcerated. I believe one should never forsake a person who has been good to them, and I will sacrifice my life to ensure the comfort and security to my wives, my family, and all those who have enhanced my movement.”

Brian Brown’s story and accolades can also be found in his book, Living For The Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide to Success. He chronicles his life from various perspectives and gives life lessons on entreprenuership and navigating through life as a reformed felon. His wife, Akia Brown, also has a memoir, detailing her open marriage and faithfulness to her husband. She leaves no stone unturned in “Beyond Love”, an eye brow raising page turner that will leave readers at the edge of their seat. His second wife, Sabrina Lewis, also shares her world of betrayal, abandonment and learning to fall in love again. As a young foster child Sabrina found herself in an abyss of hurt, mistrust until finding her true purpose in life. Her story offer inspiration offers insight into a Cinderella story of overcoming in the face of adversity.

About Brian Brown: As an accomplished author and philanthropist, Brian continues to inspire the youth and residents of Detroit through service and charitable efforts, such as providing blankets and coats for the homeless and less fortunate as well as conducting food drives and other impactful efforts. He strives to reciprocate the energy he desires to receive from the world, establishing an environment of compassion, love and success for his clients, business partners, and those in his inner circle. Having worked with some of the most prominent artists in the industry and re-established many careers interested in re-entering the scene, the expert is determined to create a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

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