Sean Doohan is “Locked Inside Your Love”

Tonight we bring you new music from Sean Doohan.


Sean Doohan (London, UK) is a very dope artist who was born in England but raised in Ireland starting at age 7. For the passed 9 years, he has been living in London.

His new project “Locked Inside Your Love” was just released and HHR was one of the first to hear.

The project is filled with 13 tracks that you can tell Sean put his heart, soul, and time into. Each track has a lot of of those elements in them.

The project is very dope. If your into real music with emotion, this project is for you.

You can listen to the whole project here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/locked-inside-your-love/id1166146696

For a sample of what you can hear on the album, listen below:


and more..

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