Share your talent with the new Echo App

Take the opportunity to succeed. Discover Echo, an app where musicians, singers and producers meet. Thanks to this virtual stage your talent will be noticed. Get to more more about how the app got started below. We chopped it up with the creators and got all the details. 


Explain who you are for those who don’t know:
Hi, I’m Enrico Fracchioni, a twenty-one years old boy and I live in a small town in northern Italy, only an hour’s drive from the city of Milan; also my childhood friend and business partner Tommaso Parmigiani lives here. I’m interested in public relations, and I have experience in performing and organizing social events, although since nearly one year and a half I’m totally committed to this project.

How did you come up with your app?
The idea behind the ECHO project dates back to several years ago, when Tommaso and I launched a Facebook page on which we shared videos or unpublished covers played by young artists looking for visibility.

Whats it like growing up where your from?
Growing up and living in a small town makes you able to enjoy an easier way of life compared to that you should have in a metropolis like Milan; I mean, you know nearly everyone and everyone knows you, you have a lot of friends and people you can trust and rely on. Moreover, you are close enough to that big city so that you can easily join parties, meetings, go shopping and have the benefits of that dynamic environment.

How did you get into app development? 
Actually, I am not directly involved in app development; we, I mean, me and Tommaso, chose a very competent company in Milan, experienced in the development of mobile apps; we discussed our project with the company team, agreed about the main features our app should have, and then we appointed that company for Echo development. I also raised the funds needed to set the start-up.

What makes you different than other apps?
ECHO has the opportunity to be the first social network to move into the music market with innovative features such as donations, competitions, unpublished content and videoclips. This amount of different elements aims to fill the gap left in other apps that could be our competitors, that is the effort of bringing out new talented musicians

What are your goals?
We want to become the largest music-related community, a place where you can express yourself freely and unleash creativity. The goal is to facilitate the journey that brings artists and musicians to live their passion, trying to reveal unexpressed talents and help them by developing connections with fans and enthusiasts.

Anything you would like to say? 
For the time being, we met the target of 25,000 downloads, with more than 2000 uploaded videos. To offer a wide range of music genres and settings among which everyone can move, was intended to be one of our prerogatives: on ECHO there are rappers, classical musicians, producers, simple enthusiasts and cover bands, all of them coming from different approaches but tied together by the passion for music.

Find more info on the Echo App on their official website here 

Stay tuned. 

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