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“SoraTheProdigy, My real name is Christian X. Jett. I was born April 5th 2000 I’m 16. I grew up in Houston Texas and moved around a lot I was always really good w music I know how to play a couple instruments piano trombone etc. I started rapping at 7 some guys I was hanging out with told me to write some rhymes and I just started writing all the time after that

I wasn’t the popular guy I was more of that guy people know and are cool w but aren’t like star football player or anything
like that

I was never the best at school I made average grades and I still do I was just good at music art and I wrote a lot of stories

I started learning how to produce beats and DJ around the age of 12 and got pretty good at it but I wanted to record my own sound so I looked up ways to make a studio and realized I could turn my whole room into a studio so I took the next couple of years to build my studio and eventually started recording songs when I was 15 and joined a group called southside and started making music with them around September 2016

During that month I decided I’d release a tape based on anxiety which has a storyline about a character whose lost himself to anxiety and needs to regain himself so he can go back to having no worries it’s supposed to be colorful and the tape is meant to build up over time until the lag song which climaxes and goes back down to his realization that anxiety can’t control him

I released it October 5th and I picked that date because the girl who actually made my anxiety really bad I met her on that day and I told her when I met her this was a good thing. So she kind of fueled the tape I’m currently working on a new tape called EMPIRE which will have a bunch of featured artist on it” – SoraTheProdigy

Stream his full project Anxiety below

Follow him at @shyttle14 on Twitter

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