Unsigned Hype: Cheek

Today we bring you a new Unsigned Hype.

Our new unsigned artist of the day is an artist that goes by the name of Cheek aka Cheek The Rebel. We came across Cheek online and thought he was very dope. He sent us about two or three videos and we told him that we had to get him featured asap.

Check out his video “Boss Talk” below

Cheek has been grinding hard lately and dropping visual after visual. We see a lot of potential in his rhyme skills.

He is very versatile with his style. For example, this next video we are about to share is a little different from the first. Check it out below:

No matter how Cheek is coming, you know he is gonna come correct. This is the reason why he is one of the artist featured in our Unsigned Hype. We think that with consistency, he can for sure make a name for himself.

Before we head out, we are going to leave you with one more video check out.


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