Vonny B.O.Y. talks new music, inspirations, whats next for him, & more

We chopped it up with Cleveland artist Vonny B.O.Y. Get to know more about him below 

What are you working on?
right now Im working on my mixtape 7 days of rain which should be dropping April 20th

Where are you from?
Cleveland Ohio

How did you get into music?
Grew up on music my brothers and sister use to all do music  my sister use to make songs with Bone Thugs back in the day they use to come over and kick it and shit i stay writing songs and  poetry.

When did you start?
i started putting out music at the end of 2015 from then i started taking my music seriously

Who are your influences?
i been influenced by: down south sounds chopped and screwed music Lil wayne 50 Cent and Dipset

What motivates you?
my living situations and  surroundings and helping out family and love ones keep me motivated each and everyday

What are you working on?
currently working on a ep and a lot of  videos for up and coming singles

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
i can see my self living off my music successful multimillionaire

What is your opinion on the current HipHop scene?
the hiphop scene is  diverse you have  your conscious rap out that sounds good from what i been hearing from these newer artists. i been hearing a lot of alternative rap/hiphop and new types of trap music that sounds good depending on the artist
so all in all it’s cool i guess. i don’t really listen to most of the stuff that’s out nothing really stand out from the mass of music that’s being put out and plus i just be working on my music too much trying different paths with my music .

Anything else?
look out for more music and music videos that’s coming out soon  2018 going to be a good year!
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Twitter: @v0nnyb0y
instagram: vonnyboy_


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