Hot or Flop? – The Golden Manifesto (@willie_withers)

Today we bring you a new track from Willie Withers titled “The Golden Manifesto”

We want to know from you guys if this song is hot… or is it a flop?

You be the judge by commenting your thoughts in the comment section below.

“The Golden Manifesto was an accident. “In 2014, I was trying to better myself as a wordsmith. In time, I hoped to put together a project that would be lauded by both critics and fans alike. However, life stops for no one, and certain events that happened in 2014 convinced me that I had to somehow encapsulate that moment in time. If not for anyone else, but for myself.I was nearing a crossroads in my life, both in the small and big picture. All of that is where this song stems from. Thank you.”

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