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On a snowy Winter day in Chicago young rapper Nick Bagz found himself  in a recording studio.  It was 2004,  Bagz was 14 and was tired of watching Mc’s on TV when he knew deep down inside he had something that the world needed to hear too. Being from the windy city Bagz knew that his story would be different from most mainstream artists. Determined to approach the game with a unique style he went into the booth with a vengeance. He shouted, “What’s good lil N**** they call me Nick. I be throwing up them forks so you can call me sick!” That bar was written in support of Larry Hoover and the concept of Growth and Development. 

At a young age Nick Bagz knew the direction he wanted to go and that music could be a way to share his story with the world. Bagz went to artists’ showcases after he recorded a few songs to practice his craft. Doing this helped him network with the big fish in Chicago’s Music Scene. In 2010 Bagz was incarcerated on weapons charges. His Street affiliation stagnated his goal to make it big in the music industry. 

Determined to fight the depression of being locked up and away from family Bagz went to his musical Roots. Every Night He hosted a talent showcase on his deck. The Deck was a term used to describe the housing units in Cook County Jails notorious Division 1; the same jail division Al Capone was housed in. Bagz performed songs that he wrote from his cell as the whole deck listened. Multiple other talented rap artists and vocalists joined in everytime and it became a culture behind the jail walls to use lyrics to tell your story. Life gave Nick Bagz lemons; he made lemonade. 

In Chicago County Jail Bagz met OTF Boonie. Drill music was being created outside of the jail walls and Boonie Inspired Nick with stories of his OTF affiliates finding success through making music. 

Nick was released from prison and focused on getting back active on the music scene and staying out of trouble. He worked at a famous shoe store in Chicago and me alot of Chicago Rap Artists and Djs. After receiving praise and support from fellow inmates and being known to have bars, Bagz knew he couldn’t sleep on his talents. 7/4/14 was a special day for Nick because he dropped his mixtape. He linked up with Chief Keef’s DJ after meeting him in the shoe store and dropped “Baggage Claim” on livemixtapes. Dj Amaris got Nick Bagz some radio spins and promotion and a buzz was created.

Knowing he needed a bigger buzz Bagz reached out to late Chicago Influencer Zack Tv to do an interview. Zack was famous for bringing artists like lil Durk and Chief Keef notoriety at the beginning of their careers by interviewing them.  Nick Bagz grew a bond with Zack Tv which was broken due to Zack’s senseless murder in 2018. He knew that he could not let Zack’s legacy die so he bought a camera. Bagz had intentions to use the skills that he learned from Zack to promote talent and push Chicago forward. Nick took to his YouTube channel and started posting content. 

Tmz reached out when Nick Bagz started vlogging and he contributed to their live shows for 2 years. That opportunity gave him the confidence that he needed to start his own media company Checkthatbag Media. With this New validation Bagz began interviewing Artists and doing photography for Memo 600. Memo introduced Bagz to King Von and he captured their last performance together on video. This video went viral after the passing of King Von. Bagz took this as a testament to prove the importance of media. Sometimes all we have left of great people are memories, pictures, and videos.

Currently as a MC, photographer, and businessman Nick bagz is on top of his game.

He just dropped a single on all platforms “Slimed Out”. Slimed Out is about trust and a look into his new Atlanta lifestyle. Look out for his next Mixtape dropping in September “1000 Pardons”. Nick Bagz will aim to add his influence to the culture and push it to new levels.

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