Bakir Floyd – “She Want it All”

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, Bakir Floyd’s demeanor and mental compatibilities has made him a standout within the hip-hop and R&B communities. Growing up with various good and bad experiences in Newark along with his father being signed with Queen Latifah Flavor unit, his inspiration allowed for his emotional expression to come out in his music. 

He is looking to create a common ground between his audience and life lessons that people from all walks of life may have experienced. From his biggest performance at Villanova University to his latest collaboration with Toosii, his music career is just at his launching point. March of 2021 his first EP will be dropped with one of his most anticipated singles “She Want it All”, already electrifying the ears of his early fans.

Leading up to the most romantic time of the year, Bakir has a message for the men and women on the meaning of love. “She Want it All” is inspired by Floyd’s past relationships and the pain others around him have endured from love. Everyone seeks to find their significant other to hold you down no matter what and encourage you to give these women your all. Floyd recognizes the simple matching of each other chemistries and translates that into the song’s melodies, rhythm, and lyrics. With a clear message and a unique versatility as an artist, Floyd is granted access to reach audiences far and wide. 

Lines like “we got this bond between us, let no one come between us. Shit may get messy, but it never gets too hard to clean up”, makes the audience ponder fighting through the difficult time knowing they will both come out better afterwards. It is a simple but clear message: Men, take care of your women! 

Released on February 12, 2021 make sure to tap into Bakir Floyd’s “She Want it All”, out now on all digital platforms at the link below



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