Indy Spotlight: Lano Soprano

Originally from Hyde Park, Massachusetts, Lano Soprano has been making major strides ever since he stepped foot in the music industry.

Having a father who was a DJ and an older brother who is also an artist himself, Lano’s love for music came early in life. Never looking back, Lano wanted to live up to the standards they had set. Learning how to rap at a young age from his older brother Lvcey, Lano still utilizes his teachings in the music he records today. Utilizing a versatile flow, Lano can vibe with basically any genre out there. Using his vocals to push a strong R&B sound, Lano Soprano also brings a soft rap influence to his music as well.

Blending these sounds and styles together, Lano Soprano does a great job balancing out the intricacies and simplistic aspects of his music.

Having used most of 2021 so far to create his second studio album, Lano looks to keep building on his already growing fanbase. Using real life experiences in his music and lyrics, this gives him an edge on the artist who try to fake it to make it. 

Having lived through many hardships growing up, Lano is able to use his music to express what he saw and did. Looking forward to showing his fans what he has been working on, Lano Soprano is going to be releasing his second album at the end of October. Utilizing the method of freestyling to create many of the tracks we will hear, expect to feel nothing but in the moment of Lano’s life. As time inches closer to the release date, expect to see multiple snippets of the tracks posted to his social media profiles as well. But for now, keep streaming Lano’s latest video “Unemployment”, which can be found via Youtube.

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