Torontoroom “The Instagram Page Reaching Levels Never Seen Before”

Torontoroom is a popular instagram page created by Toronto citizen JS. He wanted to bring more outlets to Canada. He felt there weren’t many for artists and brands to expand.

The brand posts controversial content, your latest music and news with also a wide range of funny memes to bring light to your day. It’s a great page to follow for good entertainment.

Their team also offers paid promotions for artists to reach maximum exposure. They also offer artists placement on their Spotify trending playlist “Torontoroom Premiers”. I can see this playlist growing very popular in the near future.

The goal was to bring Toronto together so they can have more artists make it out of the city. (“The city is divided right now. Many artists could have made it out but this envy from everyone else is stopping that” – JS) 

Torontoroom has got attention from popular artists from Toronto such as Chromazz, Lil Berete, Ar.Paisley, Roney, Duvy and many more! You should add your name to the list!

Torontoroom is trying to reach a higher goal. JS and his team are working on their Torontoroom Premier YouTube page. They’re always constantly looking for other places where they can expand. 

If you would like to place a booking with @Torontoroom slide in there dms!

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