Zig Luve Reaches New Heights With The Release Of “Luve & Drugs The Movie”

Zig Luve is an artist from New Jersey and is heating up with new music and new visual dropping consistently. His most recent visual is titled “Luve & Drugs The Movie” which is a beautiful blend of three tracks from his debut EP Luve & Drugs. In the video, Zig is with his girl having a chill vibe. The music plays as the visual edits and aesthetic of the video draw in the viewer. The glitches in the video bring out the eccentrics of the lyrics, allowing Zig to add deeper elements to the tracks.

He shares the message and meaning behind the project stating, “I wanted to take the time to create a sound that reminded me of a calm & relaxing vibe, while still displaying lyrical ability in cohesiveness with the overall theme”, Zig shares. “Luve & Drugs embodies the fact that we’re all addicted to something, but the one thing we all NEED is luve”. This is a concept that we all can relate to. Making this project one that will touch the listener
Zig Luve is extremely talented and this is only the beginning. Creatively he combines his image, lyrics, and personality into his work. The lead single for the project “San Jose”, has a hidden meaning tied to The San Jose Sharks. “I’ll leave the explanation in the air of ambiguity & interpretation because I enjoy when listeners take the time to understand the meaning between the lines,” Zig says This is an artist to look out for, more music and content coming from Zig Luve. Stay tuned in and supportive of his journey.

Find Zig Luve on Instagram and watch “Luve & Drugs The Movie” on YouTube

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