Kev The Pope Releases Visual For His Latest “Come Up”

Kev The Pope is heating up with his brand new visual release from “Come Up”. The sound has a natural bounce to it, you may find yourself moving along without even noticing. Producer Meloun Joe, from the Czech Rebeblic, blends together the instruments and melodies flawlessly. The guitar melody creates a soft vibe as the high hats create motion. This is a great song to ride a jam to or to hear out at the beach or party.
The aesthetic of the video features Kev surrounded by model girls in a fancy mansion. Everyone is involved and dancing and Kev is feeling himself for sure. The hook is catchy and can definitely be a party starter. The video was a great watch is worth the replay and share. Kev The Pope has new music and content on the way stating Life Is Good 2 will be releasing this year. Keep a lookout for this artist on the “Come Up”.

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