Louie_Da_13th Unveils “Call Me”

Louie_Da_13th, a versatile Queens-bred musician, unleashes his captivating “Call Me” track. The new infectious record is one that everyone can relate to. In the realm of R&B music with a touch of hip-hop. 

This track touches the hearts and ears of those a part of the Broken Hearts Club! Throughout the single, he reveals bachelorhood and shattered heart attachments. In addition to expressing his feelings following a heartbreak and wishing for his lost love to call him.

Louie_Da_13th is known for his diverse flow. He’s also known for his music’s ability to tug at the heartstrings of his listeners. Louie’s delivery makes every word on the record resonate with you. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the hit single was curated to empower his listeners in the face of the pandemic while also reflecting life’s reality.

The Queen rhymer is a one-of-a-kind artist. In actuality, the singer-songwriter, rapper, and entrepreneur had been producing music for years prior to the release of this raving record. His eclectic beat selection, combined with his expansive word flow, makes for a great listen, attracting listeners from all over the world. He’s been a standout from the start, rhyming about real-life circumstances. As a result, his music has reached and touched the hearts of the masses.

Don’t believe me? Press play on his “Call Me” official music video and let us know what you think here at Hip Hop’s Revival


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