TRIPLE – Prescription

Today we bring you a new artist known as TRIPLE. He recently dropped a new video titled Prescription. We thought we would share with you a little info about him and let you hear his music. Check him out.

Twitter: @OfficialTriple 

Born in London, England but raised on the north side of Chicago, Illinois, Nigerian artist TRIPLE (also known as Young Trip) embodies diversity in both cultural exposure and personal artistry. This talented rapper, singer, and songwriter has a musical gift that will shake up the current state of music and bring fresh innovation to our ears. Triple proclaims “I don’t wanna be just a rapper” and his work certainly proves that he will definitely evolve into much more. With a keen attraction to lyricism coming into play at a young age, Triple claims his inspirations then were the likes of Jadakiss, Fabolous, and Cam’ron.

Over the course of his career, Triple has made some notable imprints on the industry and airwaves thus far. His song “Trippy’ ft. Young Gii and prod. by C-Sick received over 30k hits on Soundcloud. Triple recently released the EP “The Hat Trick Hero” which boasts popular singles such as “Crown” and “How It Feels”.

Stay tuned.


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