Get to know: @KCHayden_

Today we bring you new a new indy artist that goes by K.C. Hayden.


Matthew Hayden who goes by the name of “K.C” Hayden is a songwriter specializing in hip hop music originating from Minneapolis, Minnesota. K.C Hayden started pursuing music seriously in 2016 but always had a taste for multiple genres of music.

K.C believes in attacking a song with a combination of emotion and complexity. Thanks to his hard nosed dedication to perfecting his musical ear, K.C is able to deliver, write and create music for any audience.

Demetrius Conners, a blogger who covers a myriad of topics goes on to say about K.C:

“On one hand K.C will deliver a fury of bars on police brutality in classic 90’s hip hop fashion and on the other hand will detail how he compares a woman to being his destiny that’s reminiscent of a pop record. The versatility is staggering to say the least.”

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May Peace Be Upon You…


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