Indy Spotlight: Emar

Hey guys, today we have a new Indy Spotlight for you.

Emar is an artist from Georgia who is working hard trying to make a name. From South Augusta, it seems hard to make something of yourself. If your not 2 hours down the road in ATL, it can be really hard to create your buzz.

Emar is one artist who is not letting that stop him. From working hard on his music and traveling whenever he can, he is destined to make his dreams come true. Today he drops his project ‘Autonoumous2020’ which is a dope project showing what our future holds. The project features 7 new tracks with all different vibes. 

We think Emar has a lot of potential and we believe that he is next up out of GA. Remember we told you so. We got a chance to chop it up with Emar and get to know more about him. Check it out below:

Explain who you are for those who may not know
I am ‘Emar’ (formerly known as EMarWill) from South Augusta, Georgia. I’m a 21 year old four-time college dropout. I originally wanted to be like Hype Williams but music equipment was cheaper than a camera, so I got into music production.

How long have you been into music? 
I’ve been into music most of my life. I started writing my first raps at age eleven and recording myself at thirteen. But even years before then in my bedroom I would rap a few bars I thought of in my head.

What makes you different from other artists?
I believe everyone is unique, but many choose to replicate the same formula. It works, but, I’ve never been interested. I knew at thirteen years old many people wouldn’t understand my style and that it would be very difficult to catch a break. I was so excited when ‘Wolf’ came out. I got even more excited when Father and Awful started to break because their success proved to me I could be myself and be alright.

Who are your influences? 
Master P for his business mind and his success story. Andre 3000 for his deep lyrics and endless flows. Pimp C for his stories and “materialistic” raps (I believe he and Big Boi rap about luxury better than anyone else). DeVante Swing for his production skills and the talent that sprouted from him. Tyler The Creator because his productions are getting better with every release and he is still over looked by so many. Lil B because he started the Task Force and it has grown into a profitable wave.

What motivates you? 
What keeps me motivated in the discouraging independent world is the feeling I get when I’ve completed something fresh and new. Simply put, my love for a new sound keeps me motivated. I look back at all the songs I recorded and I talked a lot of s*** so I refuse to let my younger self  down.

What are your goals?
My main goal is to get into a position to go on international tours. I’m a huge fan of travel so I’d like to be able to make productions in places I’ve only seen while browsing the internet.

Talk to us about your project, what’s it called?
‘Autonoumous2020’ is my __teenth project that I’ve done. My concept behind this vibe is like an introduction to the future. You have AI, self-driving cars, drones, 3d printing, bluetooth this bluetooth that; I felt the need to make a soundtrack to the sci fi movie like reality we are walking into.

What made you want to do everything yourself?
I started doing everything myself because I had to. Most of my peers were interested in other things so help didn’t come until i was about sixteen years old. By that time, I was only interested in other artists being featured on my mixtapes.

What’s your fav song from the project and why?
‘Quick on the Draw’ I would say because when I conceived the idea I was hearing about a lot of gun play and I started to notice there was this wild-west-cowboy like mentality going around,  so I had to give my opinion of the merging eras.

Anything else you would like to say
We have to support and help each other! The “brand” is the future of Hip Hop and the internet.





‘Flicks on the Bic’ (EP) Apple Music

‘Flicks on the Bic’ (EP) Spotify

Photos by Toogi Vision: https://www.instagram.com/kingtoogi/
Cover art by Omar

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