Indy Spotlight: Sir Splexxx


Explain who you are for those who don’t know…

Sir Splexxx (Sir Spl-ex), the Rawest and Most Uncut, founder of the Overrated squad otherwise known as Popularity Over Rated. I am a rapper, engineer at times and a professional chiller haha

How did you come up with your name?
It branches from the word “Splexxxii” which I started hearing when I met a couple people from the islands, like years ago. The word stuck to me so I stated using it and eventually attached it to my stage name. My Myspace name was “Mr. Splexxxii”, so I dropped the Mr, switch it to Sir and dropped the two I’s at the end. Haha…there’s more to it but yeah, that’s the basics. Sounds corny but…yeah. Kept the three X’s for shock value haha

Where are you from?
The home of the playas and pimps, H-Town, Tx baebeh

Whats it like growing up where your from?
Hot in the summers, confusing during the other seasons haha. All in all tho it’s always been a blessing living here and being around this culture. Seeing how we’ve pretty much inspired a lot of music you hear today. To come from such an influential city like that is something I’ve always been proud of.

How did you get into music?
In a sense it’s always been around me. I grew up in some what of a musically family. My Dad is a professional Gospel singer, so I’d sit in the choir as he directed every Sunday when I was little. As I got older I fell in love with Hip-Hop. I would steal my sisters Outkast CDs and play the shit out of um haha. At the age of 13 I started writing poetry and then eventually it turned into rap…the rest is history really…

What makes you different than other artists?
Every time I’m blessed to see another twenty-four I have something to rap about. And I don’t adjust my style to fit what’s hot now. Whenever you hear Sir Splexxx it’s just a better Splexxx than the last time.

What are you currently working on?
At the moment I’m gearing up to g o on tour with DoughBeezy. My lil big bro AceKidd and I are gonna tear some shit up for that. You’ll hear a lot of duets with me and him. Solo, I’m putting together an EP called “Lite Snaxxx” that’ll drop this Summer….and my new track “Gradual” is out now for your listening pleasure.

Anything you would like to say?
God first, people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw hard stuff and legalize world wide! #porwegohard

Twitter, Instagram: splexington_por

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