Recording Artist WILCON Releases New Album “YOUTUBE JESUS”

The self proclaimed YouTube Jesus himself WILCON, after debuting with his mixtape YOUTUBE JESUS has a grip on the internet with more to come. From Tuckahoe, New York ten miles out of the city as said in his opening track “Drum Beater / 3 Homes” is now based in LA after leaving home and even spending time in the Midwest out in Michigan for some time. 

The project contains a plethora of beats from various producers serving as a tribute to WILCON’s earlier years. “I no longer need to resort to the internet to find beats. For my first four or so years of rapping, YouTube was the only way I was able to get instrumentals.” After finding his sound rapping over various types of beats WILCON has settled into his niche and has even found producers he has seen evolve as time went on such as, from Pilotkid to Stoic Beats and even the likes of Bailey Daniel and Swedish Prodigy. He mentions Lethal Needle and Louis as another set of producers he frequents for freestyling. 

Talking about his next moves he mentions juggling quite a lot for his career, from being a college student, to doubling down on part-timers over the summer and rapping whenever he finds time in the booth. Sometimes it’s even all three at once.

Expect more from WILCON in the coming future and check out YOUTUBE JESUS available in the links down below.

Follow WILCON on Instagram: @_wilcon

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