E. Chapo Is On The Rise; Releases “Popular Demand Remix” Featuring Kodie Shane

Rising artist E. Chapo drops “Popular Demand Remix” with Kodie Shane. The record has been gaining traction since the video release in 2020. With the last video racking up nearly 100k views on YouTube, this one is expected to do bigger numbers! E. Chapo and Kodie Shane are seen in the video with all the popular demands, trees, money, and supermodel girls. The visual aesthetic and edits of the video bring out her personality and we get to really see just what this artist is all about.

E. Chapo linked up with XtheWorld to shoot the video and producers Dj Tripp da Hit and J. Wise created the sound. The trap-style instrumental also adds trippy elements like fades, and crazy transitions to keep the vibe up high. Lyrically, E. Chapo shows her ability to make catchy hooks and she switches the flow up. Her ambient adlibs help to fill in space in the track keeping the listener grooving the entire time. This video was a dope watch and the song is definitely summer playlist worthy. Stay tapped in with E. Chapo as she continues to grow her presence on and off the camera.

Check out the “Popular Demand Remix” on YouTube and tap in with E. Chapo on IG.

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