Frettz: Ball with Me (ft: ISAAC)

Frettz (Arun Persad) an up and coming artist from London living in Benalmadena to help care for his grandparents, working full time on his music. After grinding for two years we think he has what it takes to make it big with his versatile talents and new waves

He grew up in Benalmadena and moved away to follow his dream at 16 after struggling in school with dysprexia and delved straight into a sound engineering course at London AMP college, returning to another in Spain in his second language so that he could be closer to home. Since then he has been working on his craft daily, releasing music and engaging with his audience in a manner that few artists do.

His new visual “Ball with Me” ft. ISAAC just dropped and its FIRE! This is one you don’t want to sleep on. These two should definitely do a lot more collabs in the future. We will keep you in tune with what Frettz has going on in the future!!

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